Yoga | | Apr 27, 2021


ॐ Not Stealing.

Not taking anything away from others, or subtracting something that does not belong to us. Accepting only what is earned or freely given. This, according to the sutras, will bring us more prosperity - good things will come out of it.

This yama takes several forms:

  • non-action, inaction, not helping someone who needs help;
  • interrupt someone when they are talking;
  • plagiarise;
  • gaining something from someone's mistake;
  • stealing.

It is related to truthfulness (Satya) in terms of honesty. Like the other yamas, it reinforces our moral integrity, because if we are honest, others will trust us and feeling that confidence makes us want to maintain it.

But it is also related to trust, generosity, receptivity, honour. The question of giving freely, without expectations of receiving something in return.

We live in a society where everything is an exchange, but often, when we give something, we are also receiving, and vice versa. Sometimes, when we receive something, we are honouring the other person's wish to offer us something.

If we change our perception of giving and receiving, we can change our consciousness and avoid suffering based on expectations.

However, in friendship and romantic relationships there must be a balance. Often, one party gives more than it receives (be it love, affection, respect, attention, etc.) and this imbalance can lead to unhappiness.

Namasté! 🙏

Asteya written by Joana Vieira

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