Yoga | | May 18, 2021


ॐ Aparigraha - Nonhoarding

The fifth and last of the Yamas.

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  • It means to not accumulate, to not be possessive to things, to thoughts, to feelings, to ideas, to time, to power.

  • It means not controlling people when there is a power differential.

  • It means giving with no strings attached, not wanting anything back.

  • It means allowing others to speak and share their ideas without interrupting them.

  • It means shopping for what we need and not whatever just for the sake of it.

  • It means to share what we have and don't use or don't need with those that don't have and need it.

Our identity is built by our ego. The ego feeds on things and thoughts and feelings, and it can make us hostage to them. We spend more time taking care of our material things than our internal development. - and trust me: there is always the possibility to become even better, even wiser.

We usually are more worried and hold on to our outer quantities instead of inner qualities.

Although it is difficult at first, by rejecting the concept of "mine" and cultivating a more inward orientation, we become happier, we become free, we rise in our spirituality, we become more in unison and connected with our essence.

Let's do this exercise. When was the last time you bought something that you didn't really need and that you only used once or twice?

Namasté! 🙏

Aparigraha written by Joana Vieira

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