Sustainability | | Apr 16, 2021

Eco Dishwashing

How to wash your dishes sustainably? Yes, a dishwasher is the most sustainable option, but let’s face it - not everyone has one or is able to get one. Maybe they can’t afford it, or they don’t have the space to put one, or they just can’t get one for some other reason.

But are we going to be discouraged by that and not attempt to change our ways and to have a more sustainable approach when it comes to our dishwashing?

I don’t think so!

Like in any other aspect of our lives, we can try and do the best we can with whatever situation and circumstances we live in.

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So how can we try to make our dishwashing more sustainable?

  • use soap: bought or handmade (I’m hosting an online Soapmaking for beginners soon);
  • use an eco-friendly dish soap: in bulk or eco packaging;
  • use brushes made out of natural and eco-friendly materials;
  • use natural or homemade sponges;
  • use natural fibres kitchen towels or fabric scraps;
  • use less water: close the tap whenever you’re not using the water.

So here you have some tips to help you adjust to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Tell me, which ones have you already implemented in your life?

Eco Dishwashing written by Joana Vieira

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