| Jan 3, 2019

New Year, New Opportunities!

Hello there! How are you?

A little update, not only about what happened in the last months of 2018, but also about what is going to happen in the first months of this new year.

Well, in the last months of 2018, I:

  1. did some talks about environmental issues in important environmental, sustainability or vegan awareness events.
  • "Diet and Sustainability" at Sustainable Food Week - Lisbon
  • Zero Waste Panel Discussion at Organii Eco Market 2018 -
  • "Veganism: more than a diet, a lifestyle" at Veganário Fest 2018
  • Showcooking of Household Cleaning and Personal Care Products at Greenfest 2018 -
  • "The evolution of the R's" at ECO Cascais -
  1. started some great partnerships (and working on new ones).
  • Pegada Verde
  • Espaço Be.Live
  • Respiramor
  • Biovilla
  1. had some work related falls. But, well, life is full of them, and our strength is not measured by not falling down, but from getting back up after each fall.

"Fall down 7 times, get up 8!" - Chinese Proverb

  1. end up the year with a giveaway. My first. I was giving away one of my goody bags with a big canvas bag, a medium one and a small one, a little soap for personal care and a pack of powdered soap for household cleaning purposes. All handmade by me, even the logos were handmade one by one, even the soap. It was (as I see it) a success! I had 410 entries, 150 contestants.

With all my ups and downs, I'm still feeling content and motivated to go on with this project. Some people say "new year, new me". I'm more of a you-can-change-whenever-you-want kind of person and think that we are ever changing and all of those experiences have molded me and I am learning from all of them, good and bad.

I hope you all have an amazing year, full of great things, achieved goals, overcame obstacles and lots and lots of positive energies!! Whatever you want to try, whatever you want to do - unless it will harm anyone - just try it, just do it. Try, try again and keep on trying, even harder, even more. Get bruised along the way, but don't stop, never quit. If you fall down, get up and try again. Falling down is part of life. You always take a lesson out of something that happens, something you experience. Stay strong, stay focused, stay motivated. If it's something that you want, something that will make you happy, keep on trying, until you get where you want. We cannot control everything, but at least, what depends on us, we can truthfully say “I tried”.

Now, the new year!

I'll be doing a yoga instructor intensive course, so I'll be off more often than on! But, here are the next events:

  • Household Cleaning in my house - Workshop 21 Jan 2019 Be. Live - Lisbon 19:15
  • Personal Care in my house - Workshop 18 Feb 2019 Be. Live - Lisbon 19:15
  • Household Cleaning in my house - Workshop 23 Feb 2019 Biovilla - Palmela 15:00
  • Cosmetics in my house - Workshop 18 Mar 2019 Be. Live - Lisbon 19:15 ​- Eco-Lifestyle - Workshop 23 Feb 2019 Biovilla - Palmela 19:15

I hope you come and join me on one of them, and please share with family and friends and whoever you think might like to join us as well. Leave a comment and tell me in which page you finished the year, if you're feeling optimistic or not about this new year!

Hope you have a great week and have a great year! *

New year, new opportunities! written by Joana Vieira

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